Want To Help Your Teen Avoid Years of Unnecessary Trial and Error Learning? 

Are you worried that your teen isn’t living up to their potential? Do you see them making a series of bad decisions, and are you struggling to guide them onto the right track? 
Raising teens into responsible, productive, happy adults is a tricky task for even the most devoted parent.
... But this will make it a whole lot easier
You may not be able to make your teen’s life decisions for them, but you can help them learn how to make the right decisions for themselves.
We’ve written a free report called 7 Critical Decisions Every Teen Must Make to help. In it, you’ll learn ...  
  • How to influence who your teen socializes with
  • How to affect the decisions your teen will make around sex, drugs and drinking
  • Why teens are so intimidated by setbacks and disappointments and how to help them not be
  • Why finding life direction is far more important than finding career direction
  • How to help your teen recognize the difference between bad advice and good advice
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Raising a teen isn't easy ...

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- Mark, 26, New York

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For over 25 years, Jeffrey Leiken has used his Evolution Mentoring program to empower teens and young adults with the critical skills and tools they need to lead thriving lives. As a husband and father, he knows just how important it is to create a family environment that nurtures success. He holds a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling, a Pupil Personnel Services Credential from the State of California, served as Adjunct Faculty at the University of San Francisco Graduate School Of Education, and has guest lectured at Stanford University. He has spoken at over 100 professional conferences, and has served as a trainer and consultant with over 150 Summer Camps across North America.

About HeroPath & Jeffrey Leiken

"I met Jeff when I was 15, struggling in school, was socially shy and so unsure of myself… He quickly led me from being an insecure, directionless teen, to becoming a secure, confident young adult. I’ve put myself through college, traveled the world, am professionally successful, living in in New York City, have amazing relationships.. and I owe so much of it to what Jeff taught me about how to live life to make it be this way. There are so many things I know that my peers don’t, and situations I can easily handle that stress others out. I recommend him to anyone who knows there must be more and refuses to live a life without it.”

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